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Executive Barber Services



 Hair Services

The Bord Room Signature Haircut...$48

All hair styles, fades and tapers, straight razor finish, hot towel service, shampoo & conditioning treatment, Hypervolt massage session and cold eucalyptus infused towel finish.

The Bord Room Signature Scizzor-Styled Haircut...$48

All the perks of our Signature Haircut - but with an emphasis on style. No Tapers. No Fades. No blades... Just old-school styling techniques with a set of shears!

The Bord Room Signature Buzzcut..$35

This service is for those who want a simple buzz cut with clippers using only 1 guard. (Styles, Tapers and Fades NOT included) This service concludes with a straight edge finish to the neck and hot towel service.

Signature Kids Haircut..$35

Classic clipper or scissor cut for kids ages 12 and under.

Beard + Shaving Services

Executive Shave...$75

Facial steam, hot towel service, straight edge razor shave, pre-shave oil, hot lather shaving cream, facial scrub, refreshing cold eucalyptus towel with tonic or aftershave, express massage.

Signature Head Shave...$45

Straight edge razor, hot towel service, pre-shave oil, hot shaving lather and a cold eucalyptus towel finish.

Executive Beard Trim...$35

Executive beard trim with clippers and/or scissors, hot towel service, straight razor lining, cold eucalyptus towel.


The Bord Room Signature Package...$99

Signature Haircut with our Executive Shave.

The Bord Room Signature Haircut + Executive Beard Trim Package...$70

Signature Haircut with a Straight Edge Razor Beard Trim/Style.

Add On Services

The Bord Room Signature CBD Massage...$15

Our signature CBD Massage starts off with a hot towel on the neck and shoulders. Application of Quanta CBD Muscle Rub is then applied. This is followed up by an invigorating treatment by a Hypervolt/Hyperice massage gun. The service is then complete with a cold eucalyptus-infused towel.

The Bord Room - Jefferson Blvd
12655 W. Jefferson Blvd @ WeWork Building
4th Floor Lobby
Los Angeles, CA 90066



The Bord Room - Millennium Drive
12130 Millennium Drive @ WeWork Building
3rd Floor Lobby
Playa Vista, CA 90094



10am - 7pm

10am - 6pm

(Jefferson Blvd Only - Millennium Drive Closed)

11am - 6pm

(Jefferson Blvd Only - Millennium Drive Closed)